Romano Viazzani Ensemble comes to Northcote Road

The Romano Viazzani Ensemble is back with another concert organised by Memories2Music in support of Zimkids, this time south of the river in South London’s buzzing Northcote Road, Clapham. £3 from each ticket sold will go to support Zimkids (locally known as Simbarashe Trust) which is a charity connected with Northcote Road Baptist Church and helps vulnerable children and their […]

Chris Clad “Immersif” comes to Greenwich

During the challenging covid lockdown of 2020 Chris Clad a local Violinist from Greenwich, focused his creative energy on developing an idea to deliver a unique musical experience called “Immersif” , It is unique evening of immersive visual and sound experience in which Chris has rearranged old masterpieces, reinventing them for a new audience.    […]

Patronage scheme

M2M have launched a a patronage scheme where business’s or individuals can buy up to 10 tickets to up coming live music concerts, featuring Chris Clad “Immersif” experience , that will be donated to NHS / Community Care worker’s.Richard Mckerrow from Love Production donated ten as well as many individuals such as Mark Selby who […]

Qs & As With Richard Moore

What is your role in M2M? I’m an editor and storyteller by trade. I originally designed and developed the visual structure and processes that allow to produce high quality bespoke music videos for you at an affordable price. My role also calls for me to explore emergent technologies that develop our offer further. Also on […]

All you need is a smartphone !!!!

Not long ago, a filmmaker wouldn’t dream of shooting a movie on a phone because the quality was so inferior to what you could capture on pricier devices. But that’s changing. Consider this: The most recent project from the renowned American film director Steven Soderbergh, “Unsane,” was shot entirely on an iPhone Today, there are […]

Our Team – Richard Moore

Look out for new blog where Ricard Moore , our super talented and experienced Video Producer / Editor talk about creating videos of our super talented client for Putting together their chosen song or tune that they will perform for a very special occasion accompanied by images or video footage.Coming soon so watch this […]

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