Questions related to music

As long as you can sing or play along to the track of your choice, M2M will arrange it especially for you.

Take time to consider your choice song. As a soon as you press the order button, work on your arrangement will start immediately.

Creating a video without an accompaniment will be wonderful. M2M will create a backing track for you to sing or play along to, on your video recording, that will help us synchronise to the final video production.

Copyright permission for private use only will be requested by M2M.

Upon delivery of the digital product to client, Memories2Music hereby transfers and assigns to client all copyrights regarding the product.We are not responsible to any breach of copyright.

Once you sign off on M2M product you will own it and for you to enjoy and share within a private setting. If you want to share on a more public platform you will need to seek permission from copyright owners.

As a special request, our highly skillful M2M team would love to arrange for more than 4 voices or instruments.

As long as the equipment is able to record in a digital format, record away.

All types of instruments/voices arranged. If you can play it, M2M can arrange it.

Questions related to the video production

All we need is three ingredients: Your video performance, Pictures and choice of background graphics.When ready upload all material to your project folder that we send you.

Take time consider your picture selection as it will be conveying a special personalised  message for your occasion.

With your permission we will hold on to a copy just in case you use it.

Consider your answers in or video editor’s questionnaire- these are designed to give us all the material and request M2M needs to produce something just for you

Recording your performance in one take gives an authentic and natural feel that we strongly encourage and that you will be proud of.

As long as you can be sent in a digital format.

We would love to use any special pictures you have to hand to tell your story. As long as you send them as a digital copy, eg. scanned, or re-photographed on a digital device.

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A question? Do not hesitate to drop us a message and someone from our team will come back to you as soon as possible.